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Information for Families



Families must bring medical records for their children to prove they have been immunized. Massachusetts requires proof of immunization for children before they can participate in child care programs.   

It is difficult to report an average fee because programs vary. You can expect to spend from $5 to $10, or more, per hour for a child care program and about $8 to $13 per hour for occasional care or child care in your home.

UMass Chan sponsors two childcare centers for infants, toddlers and preschool care. There may be waiting lists, so parents are encouraged to make contact early.  For more information, including tuition rates and space availability,

To contact Charlotte_Sudyka, email: or call (774)-455-5437.

More childcare resources are available by clicking here.


Schooling for Children 


School-age children are eligible to attend public schools at no cost in the town where you live. The school year runs from September through June, although children may enter school any time during the school year. Public school generally starts for children who are 5 years old.

New residents should call the school department in the city or town in which they live for information on registration.

For a listing of public and private schools in Massachusetts, click here.

To enroll their children in schools, families must bring the following items:

(1) Medical records for their children to prove they have been immunized.

(2) Proof of address in Massachusetts. This can be a lease, electricity bill, or telephone bill.

(3) Birth certificate or passport of the child.