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2021-2022 Capstone and Discovery Projects

A total of 24 students completed 19 projects and were mentored by 16 of our FMCH faculty. 

Emily Adler
Beyond Mentoring: What Student-Doctors Learned from an Intervention Program with Teen Mothers Experiencing Homelessness
Project Advisor | Judy Savageau, MPH

Brian Argus and Taryn Ryan
A Team-Based Learning Approach to Doctoring and Clinical Skills
Project Advisor | Susan Hogan, MD, MPH

Erin Caffrey
Improving Survivor Experiences in the Emergency Department
Project Advisor | Rachel Davis-Martin, PhD

Erica Christenson, MBA
Syndrome of the Trephined: A Rare Challenge in Head & Neck Reconstruction
Project Advisor | Phillip Fournier, MD

Peter Jordan
Defining Mental Illness and Patient Experiences with Providers
Project Advisor | Mary Flynn, MD

Sam Lauffer
Broadcasting COVID-19 Health Information for Visually Impaired People (VIPs)
Project Advisor | Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD

Collin McCloskey Leibold
Worcester's Summer Fitness in the Parks Program
Project Advisor | Elizabeth Erban, MD

Zachary J. Michaels
Effects of the UMass Disability Interstitial on Medical Students Attitudes, Clinical Skills, and Comfort Regarding Patients with Disabilities
Project Advisor | Linda Long-Bellil, PhD, JD

Shafik M. Mutaawe and John Romano
Student and Provider Perspective on the Implementation of an EMR at the Worcester Evening Free Medical Service Program
Project Advisor | James Ledwith, MD 

Stephanie Ng
Examining Mindfulness and its Role in Medical Education Through Writing
Project Advisor | Linda Cragin, MS 

Lauren Nguyen and Eileen McNicholas
Screening for Malnutrition in the Elderly: A Virtual Training Session for Health Promoters in the Dominican Bateyes
Project Advisor | Michele Pugnaire, MD 

Tara Patel
Addressing Barriers to Abortion Care in Mexico: How Providers' Opinions Impact Access
Project Advisor | Susan Hogan, MD, MPH 

Hayden Peirce and Rose Healy
Evaluating Medical School Curriculum on Serious Illness Communication
Project Advisor | Jennifer Reidy, MD 

Ariana Perry
Urban Health Scholars Pathway
Project Advisor | Linda Cragin, MS 

Manasa Raman
Commercial Sexual Exploitation Curriculum Development for Medical Students
Project Advisor | Jennifer Bradford, MD 

Margaret Ruddy and Rachel Padillo
Evaluation of Parental Leave Policies and Associated Financial Implications at University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Project Advisor | Susan Hogan, MD, MPH

Haley Schachter
Development of the Navigator Needs Assessment, a Tool for Outer Cape Health Services Navigator Program
Project Advisor | Andy Lowe, MS 

Alexandre Wenk-Bodenmiller
Expanding the Reach of the Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative and its Safe Baby Project
Project Advisor | Sara Shields, MD, MS

Charles Yi
What Do You Mean?: Understanding How Comfortable Healthcare Providers Feel Working With Medical Interpreter Services During the Pandemic
Project Advisor | Lisa Morris, MS