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Preventive Medicine

Section 1: Skills (all required) 

  • Epidemiologic skills: data collection and management; data analysis and interpretation; appropriate use of statistical analysis and interpretation; epidemic investigation; surveillance
  • Research skills: development of research questions; review and summary of the literature; conceptualization of methodology; implementation of study protocol; identification of study limitations; formulation and dissemination of conclusions and recommendations
  • Administrative skills: development, implementation, management, and evaluation of public health and prevention programs; evaluation and utilization of health outcome measures as a basis for health policy; policy analysis and development
  • Clinical skills: assessment of individual health risks; application and evaluation of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, including screening, counseling, therapeutic and palliative modalities; recognition and assessment of health conditions related to occupational and environmental exposures; provision of primary and preventive health care with appropriate attention to social, cultural and behavioral factors; facilitation and evaluation of group approaches to promote health
  • Computer skills: word processing; database management; use of spreadsheets, statistical packages and graphic/slide software
  • Communication skills: use of oral and written presentations to convey accurate, evidence-based information to patients, the public, colleagues and peers; use of age-appropriate and culturally sensitive oral and written communication