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Medical Student Programs

Fourth Year Electives

Type C Electives

Principles & Practice of Preventive Medicine
Course:  FC-491

Provide an overview of the basic principles and practice of preventive medicine and public health.  Improve your knowledge and skills in selected areas of clinical preventive medicine commonly encountered in primary care practice including, patient-centered counseling, exercise physiology, assessment and prescription, nutrition counseling; evaluations and management of dyslipidemias and systems for the delivery of preventive services.   Participate in the design and implementation of a small primary care research project.
Coordinator: Judith Savageau, MPH

Senior Scholars
Course:  XX-412

This program is a unique opportunity for 4 th year students to work closely with a mentor over a 2-3 month time frame.  Experience a first-hand view of scientific principles and their use in medicine by providing an opportunity to participate in and perform clinical or basic science research.
Coordinator: Judith Savageau, MPH