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Medical Student Programs

Fourth Year Electives

Type A Electives 

Family Medicine (Subinternship)
Course:  FC-400

(*Fulfills the 4th year Medicine Subinternship Requirement for UMass Students - Not Offered in May)
Priority is given to UMass students.  During the intensive subinternship the medical student functions as a member of a Family Practice Internal Medicine team serving adult patients.  This includes taking histories, performing physicals, writing notes and orders, making work rounds, and participating in Internal Medicine Conferences.  Patients are admitted by the approximate eighty family physicians.  During most months the students will learn about inpatient adult medicine delivered from a family practice viewpoint, including a strong focus on evidence-based medicine and patient-centered practice. 

Subinternship Sites Available (One slot per month except May): 

Family Medicine Inpatient Team Track (South 6 - Memorial Campus)
Functioning as an intern's role on a resident team covering adult inpatients from all three Family Medicine Residency Health Centers and community Family Medicine physicians.
Lee Mancini, M.D., Coordinator

Family Medicine Hospitalist Track (Memorial Campus)
Working directly with four Family Medicine Hospitalist Attendings covering both adult inpatients and neonates on the Family Medicine Hospitalist Service.
Lee Mancini, M.D., Coordinator

Health Alliance / Leominster
Working with the Family Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service with residents and attendings functioning as an intern's role on a resident team covering adult inpatients from the Fitchburg Family Practice.
Beth Mazyck, M.D., Coordinator

UMass/Family Practice Residency 
Health Center Based  Sub-I
Course:   FC-423

Participate in the delivery of outpatient primary care to adults, pregnant women and children longitudinally through a family practice based model at one of our three residency health center locations.  Settings include a small New England town, an urban community health center or a Worcester based group practice.
Stacy Potts, M.D., Coordinator
Michael Smith