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Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD

Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD Haley2011

 1. Faculty appointment(s):

Assistant professor, Family Medicine and Community Health
Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

2. Current position(s) or title(s):

Program Director for Community Health

3. Education:

PhD, Sociology, UMass Amherst 2003
MA, Sociology, UMass Amherst, 2001
BA, English/Journalism, Worcester State College, 1989


4. Affiliations: 

American Sociological Association: Sections on Medical Sociology;  Sociology of Emotions; Organizations, Occupations and Work; and Altruism, Morality and Social Solidarity

Colleges of Worcester Consortium
       Community Engagement Committee, 2009-2013
Common Pathways 2009-2014
       Public Health and Social Services Committee, 2009-present
       MassCONECT partnership with Harvard School of Public Health & National Cancer Institute
City of Worcester
       Partnership for Racial and Ethnic Health Equity, 2010-present
University of Massachusetts Medical School
       Community Engagement Committee, 2009-present
       Nominations Committees 2008-present
       Faculty Council 2006-present
           Executive Council 2009-2013
       Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity 2009-2014
           Civility Committee 2009-2011
       Interviewer, Admissions 2006-07, 2008-2013

5. Research:

Dr. Haley’s current research interests include:
• Preventive health education and social networks of recently resettled refugees
• Community-based participatory research to better understand and address the legal needs of refugees
• Service-learning in medical education: teaching and learning about race, power and privilege in community settings

6. Publications:

  Hale JF, Haley H-L, Jones J, Brewer A. 2015. Academic/Correctional Health Partnerships: Preparing the Correctional Health Workforce for the Changing Landscape – Focus Group Research Results. Journal of Correctional Health Care Jan; 21(1):70-81. 

 Haley H-L, Walsh M, Maung N, Savage C, Cashman S. 2014. Primary Prevention for Resettled Refugees from Burma: Where to Begin? Journal of Community Health 39:1-10. [

 Potts SE, Deligiannidis KE, Cashman SB, Caggiano ME,  Carter LH, Haley H-L, Ferguson WJ. 2011.  Weaving Public Health Education Into the Fabric of a Family Medicine Residency. Am J Prev Med 41(4S3): S256-S263.

Sullivan, Mary, Ferguson, Warren, Sullivan, Kate, Philbin, Mary, Haley, Heather-Lyn, Kedian, Tracy, Quirk, Mark. 2011. Expert Communication Training for Providers in Community Health Centers.  Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 22(4): 1358-1368.

Levin, Len L.; Nordberg, Judith M.; and Haley, Heather-Lyn. Being there, there and there: using research methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of librarians embedded in chart rounds within a multi-center Family Medicine residency program. 2011. University of Massachusetts Medical School. Library Publications and Presentations. Paper 131.

Fischer, M.A., Haley, H. –L., Saarinen, C. Chretien, K.C 2010. Comparison of Blogs and Written Reflections in Two Medicine Clerkships. Medical Education. 45:166-175..

Larkin AC, Cahan MA, Whalen G, Hatem D, Starr S, Haley H-L, Litwin D, Sullivan K, Quirk M. 2010. Human emotion and response in surgery (HEARS): A simulation-based curriculum for communication skills, systems-based practice, and professionalism in surgical residency training. J Am Coll Surg 211:285–292.

Garg, Amit, Haley, Heather-Lyn, Hatem, David. 2010. Modern Moulage: Evaluating the Use of 3-Dimensional Prosthetic Mimics in a Dermatology Teaching Program for Second-Year Medical Students. Arch Dermatol 146(2): 143-146.

Haley, Heather-Lyn, Hale, Janet, Brewer, Arthur, Ferguson, Warren J.. 2009. Correctional Health Curriculum Enhancement through Focus Groups. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 21(4): 310-317.

Fischer, Melissa A., Harrel, Heather E., Haley, Heather-Lyn, Cifu, Adam S., Alper, Eric, Johnson, Krista M., Hatem, David. 2008. Between Two Worlds: A Multi-Institutional Qualitative Analysis of Students’ Reflections on Joining the Medical Profession. J Gen Intern Med 23(7): 958-963.

Haidet, Paul, Hatem, David, Fecile, Mary Lynn, Stein, Howard, Haley, Heather-Lyn, Kimmel, Barbara, Mossbarger, David, Inui, Thomas. 2008. The Role of Relationships in the Professional Formation of Physicians: Case Report and Illustration of an Elicitation Technique. Patient Education and Counseling 72(3):382-387.

7. How to contact: ; 774-441-6366 office, 774-441-6212 fax

Programs with web resources created and currently managed by Dr. Haley include:

UMass FMCH Community Health Toolkit

UMass Chan Population Health Clerkship

UMass Chan Summer Service-Learning Assistantship

Carnegie Recipient 2015