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Surgical Education and Training

Surgical education and training at the University of Massachusetts begins with medical student didactic lectures and clinical rotations.  It continues with senior medical student sub-internships and research opportunities.  Residents in the University of Massachusetts General Surgery Residency Program are not only the focus of advanced education and training in the art and science of surgery, but are also involved themselves with the teaching of students, thereby further consolidating their own learning.  Finally, fellowship training is also available in subspecialties such as minimally invasive surgery, vascular surgery, and breast surgery, further extending the depth and breadth of training opportunities.  Please refer to the appropriate webpages for additional information in these areas.

News & Events 

10/28/2015: We are happy to announce the first issue of the Department of Surgery newsletter. This is a bi-monthly publication that highlights what we are working on, new news, research projects as well as upcoming changes. We will have interviews, articles and upcoming events in every issue.

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