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Division of Organ Transplantation

For over twenty years, UMass Memorial Medical Center has been one of the leading multi-organ transplant centers in New England.  Since our program was founded in 1985, we have performed over 800 organ transplants including the first living donor small intestine transplant.  With a strong multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, we have developed a strong clinical and academic program to serve central Massachusetts and beyond.  Transplant specialists in surgery, nephrology, hepatology, infectious disease, critical care, nursing, social work, psychiatry and anesthesiology provide a strong foundation for our clinical program.  We provide multi-organ services including transplantation of the liver, kidney and pancreas.  

Organ TransplantationUMass Memorial performed its first kidney transplant in February, 1986 and has since completed 700 kidney transplants from live and deceased donors.  We continue to provide both pediatric and adult kidney transplant services.  In live donation, we routinely complete laparoscopic donor nephrectomies for kidney retrieval.  Currently, about 50 kidney transplants are performed per year.

The first pancreas transplant was performed in July, 1993 at UMass. Since that time, over 100 pancreas transplants have been performed either as pancreas alone, simultaneous kidney-pancreas or pancreas after kidney transplant. Our pancreas program remains one of the longest running and busiest programs in the region.

Since 1998, we have performed over 400 liver transplants comprising pediatric and adult transplants.  Beyond providing care for patients with liver failure, we have expertise in treating patients with hepato-pancreatico-biliary diseases including cancer, strictures, cysts and non-cancerous growths.  Specialty surgery such as liver resection, laparoscopic liver surgery, portosystemic shunts and radiofrequency ablation is carried out with great success by our team.  With a dedicated medical and surgical team committed to the transplant process, we continue to provide excellent care to patients with liver failure with 1-year graft survival rate above 86%.