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Dr. Emily Fan with 2023 Surgery Summer Intern, Santiago Abrill-Zegarra

“Through the DEI in Surgery Summer Internship, I have gained unparalleled experiences and mentorship within the field of surgery... This [experience] gave me an exciting and realistic perspective into the life of a surgeon. Furthermore, I made memorable connections with patients, particularly those with cultural backgrounds similar to mine. I often found that through shared experiences, I was able to better interact with these patients, making them feel more comfortable in the hospital setting. Beyond direct exposure to daily life as a surgeon, I fostered quality relationships and connections with medical students, residents, and even attendings, many of which have offered themselves as resources and as mentors throughout my journey to medical school and beyond. As a direct result of being involved in this remarkable experience, I have developed a strong interest in vascular surgery. I intend to matriculate into medical school with the goal of becoming a competitive applicant for a surgical residency. I am incredibly thankful for this experience, and I am eager to take the next steps towards my future in medicine.”

Santiago Abrill-Zegara
2023 Department of Surgery Summer Intern