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Residency Wellness

At UMass Chan Medical School, we have created and launched our Wellbeing Program. The objectives of the Wellbeing Program in the Department of Surgery and the General Surgery Residency Program include:

  • Teaching future surgeons techniques to reduce burnout and to increase resiliency;
  • augmenting traditional surgical training to develop surgeons who are increasingly competent in the changing world; and 
  • improving patient safety, quality, and satisfaction.

The program encompasses four pillars that characterize the professional and personal values of the residents: physical, mental, social and professional. 

Each pillar has a defined agenda. Residents who desire to take part will have the opportunity to engage in a voluntary study to determine if implementation of the program has an impact on the stated objectives.

Components of the wellbeing program include:

Wellness table 2021.jpg

Wellbeing newsletters, published quarterly, and during the pandemic surge, weekly, are available on this site and focus on centering all providers on the "Why" of medicine.