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End-of-Year Questionnaire | 4th year GHP students

Use this form to...

Biosketch |  "Premises"

  • The goal of the GHP Biosketch page is to help students network with other professionals interested in global health, to be a resource for GHP students so they can have a place to post and share their global health credentials, and to help future UMMS students who may be looking to get input/advice from other GHP students & alumnus.
  • The GHP Biosketch page is bare-bones at the moment (and is currently available only to members of the UMMS community); the goal is to improve this page over time, possibly making it accessible to non-UMMS people in the future.
  • To include a photo with your Biosketch, email a photo to (use subject: Photo attached for my GHP Biosketch)
  • Your GHP Biosketch should include the following information
    • Name (First Last), include all advanced degrees above BA or BS (e.g., MPH, PhD, or MD)
    • Academic position (e.g., MD candidate, Class of 2017)
    • Areas of interest (list as many as you like)
    • Global health experience
    • Capstone project title (leave this field blank if you have not yet defined a Capstone project)
    • Longitudinal global health project (leave this field blank if you are not currently working on a longitudinal project related to global health)
    • Selected publication & presentations. Include hyperlinks if available, and all appropriate citations in APA style

News & Achievements | Provide updates that can be added to the GHP Biosketch web page, which includes things that have been achieved by GHP students.

  • Updates can include publications, awards, presentations, etc.
  • Please feel free to include hyperlinks in any update that you provide


Select Your Preferred Global Health Immersion Experience Site

Pathway Interest
Please indicate if you are a member of or applying to one of the following (if you are, please email us at to discuss).

Statement of interest in the Global Health Pathway (300 Word Limit)
Consider the following questions. What do you hope to gain from this pathway (knowledge, skills)? How will you balance your interests in global health with a demanding medical school schedule? What do you hope to gain from an immersion experience?

International Experience (300-word limit)
Describe any prior experience you have had working, learning or volunteering outside of the U.S. and especially mention any experiences with underserved populations and what you learned.

Domestic experience with refugee or immigrant populations living in the United StatesĀ (400-word limit)
Describe any prior experience you have had working, learning or volunteering inside the U.S. with refugee, immigrant, minority or underserved populations and what you learned from these experiences.

Research Experience (200-word limit)
Describe any research based in the U.S. or outside the US that you have participated in and how it pertains to global/community health. What skills from your previous research would be helpful in a career with global health?

Career Plans (100-word limit)
Do you plan on incorporating global health into your career? If so, please describe how you plan on doing so? (this may include residency/specialty preferences, location preferences, clinical/research interests, pursuing additional degrees like MPH, etc).

List any non-English languages that you speak or understand, and your proficiency level (Beginner, Intermediate or Fluent).

Thank you for your interest in the GHP.