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Educational Methodologies & Student Assessment

Self-directed learning plays a crucial role in this course. For experiences designed by the students themselves, the sponsor must identify the objectives of the experiences, briefly explain how these objectives will be achieved, and outline the competencies addressed by the experience. Additional methods employed may include journal keeping for international experiences, community health and service experiences, or project reports for research experiences.

Student assessment methods are tailored to each specific experience and are used to determine whether credit will be granted or not. Optional narrative feedback may be provided in the form of a Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE). The criteria for granting credit include attendance, effort, and the achievement of minimum performance standards established by the sponsoring department. Each student will receive a summative evaluation from the sponsoring faculty or individual, and formative feedback is expected from all members of the sponsoring team as well as the student.

Updated AUG 4 2023 | cjb