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Timeline and Interview Schedule

Applicants to the MD/PhD Program apply through the regular UMass Medical School of Medicine process. MD/PhD interviews take place during late fall and early winter.

Important Dates

AMCAS Filing

June 15 - October 15

Supplemental Application Deadline

December 1

Letters of Recommendation

December 1

MD/PhD Interview Dates

Rolling September-February

Acceptance Notification

September to April

 The UMass MD/PhD Program invites approximately 80 candidates for interviews. If you are selected, you will be contacted via email to schedule your interview. 

Interview Requirements

  • Multiple Mini-Interviews with the School of Medicine (MMI)
  • Three or four 30 minute Zoom interviews with research faculty
  • One 30 minute Q&A Session with MD/PhD Admissions Committee members
  • One 90 minute MD/PhD student-led Physician-Scientist Forum

Additional Resources