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Matriculating 2021

  • Emma Austen Holt

    Emma Austen Holt

    Hometown: Austin, TX

    Undergraduate College: Barnard College, 2018

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Paul Greer

    Clinical Interest: Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry

    Hobbies: Cooking, art, swimming, playing with my cat

  • Melanie K. Barbini

    Melanie K. Barbini

    Hometown: Westborough, MA

    Undergraduate College: Northeastern University, 2019

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Dori Schafer

    Clinical Interest: Still exploring!

    Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, playing with my Frenchie, Teddy, traveling, baking

  • Claire E. Branley

    Claire E. Branley

    Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

    Undergraduate College: University of Washington, 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Stephanie Lemon

    Clinical Interests: Family med or internal med

    Hobbies: Walking my dog Coby, gardening, and baking

  • Hye In Sarah Lee

    Hye In Sarah Lee

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Undergraduate College: Brown University, 2017

    Thesis Research Lab: Drs. Apurv Soni and David McManus

    Clinical Interest: Psychiatry

    Hobbies: Growing plants and vegetables, watching Wong Kar-wai films, and endlessly scrolling on TikTok

  • Allison S. Maebius

    Allison S. Maebius

    Hometown: Great Falls, VA

    Undergraduate College: University of Michigan, 2019 and 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Anastasia Khvorova

    Clinical Interests: Surgery

    Hobbies: Baking, reading, working out, and playing with her dog Scotia.

  • Madison R. B. Marasco

    Madison R. B. Marasco

    Hometown: Wellesley, MA

    Undergraduate College: Clemson University, 2019

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Mark Johnson

    Clinical Interest: Emergency Medicine

    Hobbies: Weightlifting, mountain biking, crocheting, collecting plants

  • Michelle A. Narváez Ramos

    Michelle A. Narváez Ramos

    Hometown: San Germán, Puerto Rico

    Undergraduate College: University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Amir Mitchell

    Clinical Interests: Heme/Onc, Pediatrics and ENT

    Hobbies: Walking dogs, salsa dancing and cooking

  • Michela E. Oster

    Michela E. Oster

    Hometown: Brookline, MA

    Undergraduate College: UMass Amherst, 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Hyun Youk

    Clinical Interests: Undifferentiated

    Hobbies: Cooking, eating, taking care of my dog Nathan and my plants

  • Rebecca S. Panwala

    Rebecca S. Panwala

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    Undergraduate College: UC San Diego, 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Drs. Erik Sontheimer and Wen Xue

    Clinical Interests: Heme/Onc and internal med

    Hobbies: Running, swimming, cooking and playing with my cats

  • Noah M. Sciambra

    Noah M. Sciambra

    Hometown: New Orleans, LA

    Undergraduate College: University of Alabama, 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Read Pukkila-Worley

    Clinical Interests: GI

    Hobbies: Basketball, running

  • Lauren T. Shumate

    Lauren T. Shumate

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Undergraduate College: Vassar College, 2017

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Beth McCormick

    Clinical Interests: GI

    Hobbies: Mountain biking