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Matriculating 2015

  • Alysia R. Bryll

    Alysia R. Bryll

    Hometown: Springfield, MA

    Undergraduate College: Mount Holyoke College, 2013

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Craig Peterson

    Clinical Interests: Pathology

  • Erica R. Kwiatkowski

    Erica R. Kwiatkowski

    Hometown: Weston, MA

    Undergraduate College: Grinnell College, 2015

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Patrick Emery

    Clinical Interests: Neurology

    Hobbies: Hiking, quilting, cats

  • Nicholas D. Peterson

    Nicholas D. Peterson

    Nicholas Peterson is a graduate of St. John’s University (Minnesota), with a BA in Biochemistry. Prior to joining the UMASS MD/PhD program, Nicholas conducted research in the laboratory of Dr. Tony Baughn at the University of Minnesota. During his time in the Baughn laboratory, Nicholas performed mycobacteriology research. Specifically, he characterized the resistance mechanisms of the first line M. tuberculosis drug pyrazinamide.

    Nicholas has a strong interest in host-pathogen interactions and innate immune activation. Currently, he is in his third year of graduate research in Dr. Read Pukkila-Worley’s laboratory. In the Pukkila-Worley laboratory, Nicholas is using the model organism, C. elegans, to investigate evolutionarily conserved aspects of intestinal immunity. In particular, Nicholas is characterizing a new mechanism of pathogen sensing by nuclear hormone receptors in C. elegans intestinal epithelial cells. Long-term, Nicholas’s goal is to become an infectious disease physician-scientist and lead a basic science laboratory that focuses on elucidating the mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions and innate immune activation.