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Meet Our Student Ambassadors (2021-2022)

Take a moment to get to know our MD/PhD program student ambassadors. Feel free to reach out with any questions about research, student life, or experiences within the program. You may email them by clicking on their names below.

  • Emma Austen Holt

    Emma Austen Holt

    Year in Program: MS1​

    Hometown: Austin, TX​

    University/College: Barnard College​

    Post Grad Activity: Research assistant at New York State Psychiatric Institute​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Neuroscience​

    Clinical Interests: Psychiatry, neurology​

    On campus Involvements: Vaccine corps, psychiatry OEE​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanLearning communities​

  • Jillian Belgrad

    Jillian Belgrad

    Year in Program: G1​

    Hometown: Weston, MA​

    University/College: Colgate University ​

    Post Grad Activity: 2 years Post-Bacc Researcher NIH​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute​

    Clinical Interests: Pediatrics, Neurology, Internal Medicine​

    On campus Involvements: Learning communities, Curriculum development, Peds interest group, Neuro interest group, Free clinics ​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanThe friendly, outgoing people and collaborative culture! ​

  • Bethany Berry

    Bethany Berry

    Year in Program: G2​

    University/College: Williams College​

    Post Grad Activity: Research technician at Wesleyan University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Dr. Mark Johnson Laboratory studying meningioma and normal pressure hydrocephalus​

    Clinical Interests: Neuro-related fields​

    On campus Involvements: MD/PhD Student Council Representative, GSBS Diversity Interest Group Representative​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanThe people!​

  • Philip A Feinberg

    Philip A Feinberg

    Year in Program: 8th Year overall, GS6​

    Hometown: Ardsley, New York​

    University/College: Ithaca College '11 B.S. Biochemistry ​

    Post Grad Activity: Three years of research in NYC at the Rockefeller University and Mount Sinai​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Dori Schafer Lab, Neurobiology, Thesis title: Microglial-derived innate immune mechanisms governing neural circuit excitability​

    Clinical Interests: Neuropsychiatry, Neuro ophthalmology, Peds ​

    On campus Involvements: MSC Curriculum Committee, BRAIN course tutor​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanCollaborative environment, emphasis on community, willingness of program leadership to listen to students and work with them to make the program better ​

  • Chantal Ferguson

    Chantal Ferguson

    Year in Program: MS3 (MD/PhD Year 7)​

    Hometown: Brookline, MA​

    University/College: Wesleyan University ​

    Post Grad Activity: Research Associate at MGH​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics – Development of therapeutic siRNAs for neurodegenerative diseases (AD) ​

    Clinical Interests: Neuro-Interventional Radiology ​

    On campus Involvements: Interdisciplinary research projects, MSC Community Committee​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanMentors, people ​

  • Carly Hebert

    Carly Hebert

    Year in Program: G2​

    Hometown: Atlanta, GA ​

    University/College: Wash U in St Louis ​

    Post Grad Activity: CDC Public Health Research Fellowship ​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: CPHR ​

    Clinical Interests: Infectious disease ​

    On campus Involvements: Free clinics, Health Professionals for Human Rights, Infectious Disease Interest group, Quality Improvement, PURCH​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanThe people and the diversity of research opportunities! ​

  • Yen Anh Nguyen

    Yen Anh Nguyen

    Year in Program: G1​

    Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam​

    University/College: Denison University​

    Post Grad Activity: Research Assistant at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center ​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Watts Lab – RNA biology​

    Clinical Interests: Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Ophthalmology, ​

    On campus Involvements: Communications Committee, Knitting for NICU babies​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanInteresting people who are passionate about science and things outside of medicine. Supportive environment. Classmates who are willing to talk about difficult topics.​

  • Abiola Ogunsola

    Abiola Ogunsola

    Year in Program: G2​

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA​

    University/College: University of Pittsburgh​

    Post Grad Activity:  Few years as research tech at Pitt​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Behar Lab: Immune response to TB​

    Clinical Interests: OB/Gyn, Family​

    On campus Involvements: Co-president of White Coats 4 Black Lives, Trustee of Diversity Interest Group, Co-chair Community Development Committee of MSTP-Student Council​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanWorcester MA is such an amazing place to train as a physician!​

  • Michela Oster

    Michela Oster

    Year in Program: MS1​

    University/College: UMass Amherst​

    Post Grad Activity: Research for 1 year at HMS​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Molecular medicine/systems biology​

    Clinical Interests: EVERYTHING – I am open to learning about everything​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanThe collaborative science environment​

  • Jenny Powers

    Jenny Powers

    Year in Program: MS2 ​

    Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN​

    University/College: Rollins College​

    Post Grad Activity: Scribe for Abbott Northwestern Hospitalists, Research Associate (University of Minnesota and UMass Med)​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Unknown! Interest in host-pathogen interactions​

    Clinical Interests: Infectious Disease, Dermatology, open/undecided!​

    On campus Involvements: MSC Community Development, ID interest group, medical genetics interest group​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanThe people! And all the options available to get involved on campus​

  • Tomas Rodriguez

    Tomas Rodriguez

    Year in Program: MS3​

    Research/Lab/Thesis: CRISPR gene editing and nuclear structure, Sontheimer Lab​

    Clinical Interests: Ophthalmology ​

    On campus Involvements: LMSA, medical Spanish, free clinics​

    Favorite thing about UMass ChanCollaborative environment

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