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Matriculating 2022

  • Anna Aristarkhova

    Anna Aristarkhova

    Hometown: Brookline, MA

    Undergraduate College: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2020

    Labs Rotated in: Dr. Robert Brown

    Clinical Interests: Neurology

    Hobbies: Cook, read and go to spin class

  • Jeromy DiGiacomo

    Jeromy DiGiacomo

    Hometown: Wilton, CT

    Undergraduate College: Williams College

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Eric Baehrecke

    Clinical Interests: Oncology and Pediatrics

    Hobbies: hang out with his cats and compose music either on his keyboard, or when he has the chance, on marimba

  • Boris Dimitrov

    Boris Dimitrov

    Hometown: Brookline, MA

    Undergraduate College: Bowdoin College, 2020

    Labs Rotated in: Dr. Katherine Fitzgerald

    Clinical Interests: Oncology

    Hobbies: To be in the outdoors, backpack and cook

  • Lauren Goodman

    Lauren Goodman

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Undergraduate College: University of Michigan, 2021

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Read Pukkila-Worley

    Clinical Interests: No specific interests yet!

    Hobbies: Climbing and hiking

  • Tyler Long

    Tyler Long

    Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

    Undergraduate College: Wheaton College (IL), 2020

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Egil Lien and Dr. Amir Mitchell

    Clinical interests: Pathology, Infectious Disease, GI

    Hobbies: Soccer, SCUBA diving, reading

  • Riya Mahesh

    Riya Mahesh

    Hometown: Dallas, TX

    Undergraduate College: UT Austin, 2022

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Michelle Kelliher

    Clinical Interests: Pediatrics, Oncology

    Hobbies: Playing guitar and reading books

  • Dylan Rice

    Dylan Rice

    Hometown: Cumberland, MD

    Undergraduate College: Harvard, 2020

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Peter Friedmann

    Clinical Interests: Psychiatry

    Hobbies: running, cooking, and binge-watching shows on Netflix

  • Matthew Yee

    Matthew Yee

    Hometown: Saratoga, CA

    Undergraduate College: UCLA, 2017

    Labs rotated in: Dr. Michael Czech and Dr. Wen Xue

    Clinical Interests: Heme/Onc, GI, Pediatrics

    Hobbies: Cooking, frisbee, soccer, volleyball