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Interviewed Applicant Resource Center 2023-2024

Q&A Sessions

The T.H. Chan School of Medicine is hosting Q&A sessions throughout the interview season. The PURCH track and the MD/PhD program are also hosting track and program specific sessions. Details are accessible via the PeopleSoft system (Interview Information tile), where you completed our secondary application.

You can participate in the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Q&A sessions before or after your interview as well as attend more than once.

PURCH applicants are encouraged to participate in the PURCH track specific Q&A sessions in advance of their interview date, if possible.

Admissions Cycle Overview

We expect to process over 4,000 applications this year of which approximately 25% will be invited for interview. You may follow the status of your application through our PeopleSoft portal.

We have rolling admissions at UMass Chan so it may be awhile before a decision is made on your application. We do understand that waiting is hard and you should assume that your application remains under active consideration until you are contacted by email.

You will receive an email from us assuring you that your application is still being actively considered approximately 2-4 weeks following your interview, if a decision has not yet been made.

In compliance with AAMC traffic rules, acceptance will start being sent in mid-October and you will be notified of the final decision on your application no later than 4/30/24

Acceptance Procedure

Acceptance notices are sent by email. Acceptance offers are provisional pending successfully passing a criminal background check. Accepted applicants will be invited to Second Look festivities. Details regarding all necessary acceptance procedures and processes are provided following acceptance. 

Class Profile

T.H. Chan School of Medicine Entering Class of 2022 Profile

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Please contact us if you have any questions at We are happy to assist you and hope this page has been a helpful resource.