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Matriculating 2012

  • Miriam A. Goldberg

    Miriam A. Goldberg

    Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts

    Thesis Research: Design and Testing of a Novel Communication System for Non-Vocal Critical Care Patients With Limited Manual Dexterity (2020)

    Research Mentors: Dr. Bob Brown and Dr. J. Matthias Walz

    UMass Graduation Year: 2023 

    Post-Graduation Position: Brown University, Adult Psychiatry; R25 research resident in neuromodulation (low intensity focused ultrasound)

  • Grace A. Masters

    Grace A. Masters

    Hometown: Stowe, MA

    Thesis Research: Bipolar disorder in the perinatal period: Understanding gaps in care to improve access and patient outcomes (2021)

    Research Mentors: Dr. Nancy Byatt/ Lifeline for Moms

    UMass Graduation Year: 2023

    Post-graduation Destination: MGH/McLean, Psychiatry Residency

  • Noah Silverstein

    Noah Silverstein

    Research Mentors: Dr. Jeremy Luban

    UMass Graduation Year: 2023 

    Post-Graduation Position: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Internal Medicine Residency

  • Abigail O. Smith

    Abigail O. Smith

    Research Mentors: Dr. Pazour

    UMass Graduation Year: 2023 

    Post-Graduation Position: Boston Children's Hospital, Pediatrics Residency

  • Rachel Stamateris

    Rachel Stamateris

    Hometown: Poland, OH

    Research Mentor: Dr. Laura Alonso (Weill Cornell)

    UMass Graduation Year: 2023

    Post-Graduation Position: Cleveland Clinic, Internal Medicine Residency