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UMass Chan COVID-19 Forums

UMass Chan COVID-19 Forum - Epidemiology, Pathology & Biology

This Forum features brief highlights summarizing what is known about COVID-19, including the epidemiology, pathology, and biology of coronavirus, as well as research on COVID-19 that is currently being conducted at UMass Chan. 

UMass Chan COVID-19 Forum - Hypertension & Diabetes

This Forum focuses on co-morbidities that greatly increase the lethality of COVID-19, including Hypertension and Diabetes. We review what is known about COVID-19 pathology and basic biology, and discuss what mechanisms could explain clinical and epidemiological observations.

UMass Chan COVID-19 Forum - Remdesivir

This Forum focuses on remdesivir — currently a very scarce but potentially effective treatment for COVID-19 — to discuss the ethical, social, and policy implications of resource allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic.