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Matriculating 2020

  • Akshay Alaghatta

    Akshay Alaghatta

    Hometown: San Jose, CA

    Undergraduate College: Johns Hopkins University, 2017

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Alexandra Byrne

    Clinical Interests: Neurology, Psychiatry, or Internal Medicine

    Hobbies: Playing or listening to music, making art, running, doing yoga, and relaxing with my friends and family

  • Webb Camille

    Webb Camille

    "In 2017, Webb Camille graduated from Salem State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Biology concentrating in biomedical sciences. His research experience has been broad and diverse. During undergraduate years his research focused on ciliopathies. He performed genetic manipulation on Chlamydamonas to study cilia motility and assembly. He then worked for the Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training at the UMass Chan Medical School in corroboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to create a vaping cessation plan for adolescents in middle and high school.  

    His research interest are in neuroscience particularly neurodegenerative diseases. As an MD/PhD candidate he has completed rotations in Dr. Paul Greer's lab studying MS4As in microglia, and Dr. Zoushang Xu's lab conducting research on ALS. In completing this program, he aspires to be a meticulous investigator and a clinician who serves the underserved. He has yet to choose a thesis advisor."

  • Jenny Gao

    Jenny Gao


    Hometown: New York City, New York

    Undergraduate College: New York University, 2018

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Wen Xue

    Clinical Interests: Hematology Oncology or Radiation Oncology

    Hobbies: Cooking, painting, attending concerts, binging Survivor

  • Kensei Kishimoto

    Kensei Kishimoto

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Undergraduate College: UCLA, 2020

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. William Flavahan

    Clinical Interests: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

    Hobbies: Video games, anime, cooking, and finding and listening to music nobody has heard of!

  • Jennifer Powers

    Jennifer Powers

    Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

    Undergraduate College: Rollins College, 2013

    Thesis Research Lab: Dr. Megan Orzalli

    Clinical Interests: OB/Gyn, Internal Medicine

    Hobbies: Hanging with my dogs and husband, cooking, baking, and running

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