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Expand the items below to find information to log into Episerver for editing, access features and navigate the different views.

To the right, you will find the URLs to the different CMS instances. 

Self-Directed Tutorials

Getting Started

Media Assets (files and images)

Assets pane is on the Right side of the CMS UIMedia assets are images and documents that you can add to your web pages and are stored within the CMS. Assets are available from the assets pane in the CMS, making it easy to drag-and-drop items to upload them to the CMS as well as drag-and-drop them into your content page.

You can work directly with items in the assets pane to create and edit files, images or blocks, or create folders to organize content items. The context menu will provide different options depending on the type of assets selected. How to work with content items in the assets pane is described in the sections:

  • Folders - structuring your media and blocks
  • Media - searching for, uploading, previewing, etc.
  • Blocks - creating, editing, adding to content, etc.

Regarding images, you can edit, crop, set the alignment of images in the image editor when working with images in the WYSIWYG editor. 

You can also set other information for images, such as the hero slider information, in the properties view of the image.


Access Requirements:  Department Approval and Training

To request access to edit a UMMS website, please fill out and submit this online lock icon - notes that clicking link requires login Authorization Form

Browser Compatibility 

We recommend using Chrome when editing your web pages. The latest versions of Firefox and Safari are all compatible.  If using Internet Explorer, please use Version 10.  Version 11 of Internet Explorer currently is not compatible with Episerver.  

Accessing Episerver from Off Campus

  • You must be logged into the UMass network to access the CMS editing interface.
  • The editing interface requires a UmassMed or UMassMemorial account.
    • Please note: Some UMassMemorial accounts are not working at this time. If you encounter this issue.
  • If you are working off site, you will need to VPN into the UMMS network and the log into Episerver.

Need help with Episerver?

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