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Information Technology (IT) Priorities FY21

We will establish an information technology environment that enables the best care and patient experience, provides tools to educate caregivers and scientists and accelerates future therapies.

Basic Research Ecosystem Priorities FY2022

Innovation Artery

  • High speed campus network designed for research
  • Upgraded cloud / internet connectivity (10x speed)
  • Cost-effective tiered storage options.
  • Fast hybrid storage (on-premise or cloud)
  • Archival cloud storage

New HPC cluster in Shrewsbury

  • 5,040 new CPU cores (Intel & AMD)
  • 80 new GPU nodes (our largest GPU footprint to date)
  • 1 PB storage

Clinical Research Ecosystem Priorities FY2022

Huron Research Suite

  • eIRB enhancements & upgrade
  • IACUC / IBC cloud migration
  • Clinical Trials Mgmt to the cloud
  • eIRB cloud migration
  • Business Intelligence (Insights) for Clinical Research

Clinical Research

  • Hydrating the data lake (add CT, Xray, MRI, EKG, O2, wearable data, and more).
  • Build conduit to clinical AI solution providers
  • Leverage AI and ML containers.
  • Modular and reproducible pipelines

ForHealth Consulting Ecosystem Priorities FY2022

  • Implement Guiding Principles and Decision Framework for Technology Roadmap Decisions
  • Expand O365 functionality usage
  • Identify Business Operations/Foundational Technology Requirements and Platform Vendor
  • Implement Business Operations/Foundational Technology Platform
  • ForHealth Consulting Cloud Strategy
  • Application Modernization

Education Ecosystem Priorities FY2021

  • Create interactive Independent Learning Modules (ILM) for remote and online learning
  • Further integrate EHR Classroom technology into Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing and T.H. Chan School of Medicine curriculum
  • Publish best practice guide for optimizing on-line and remote learning
  • Communications and Marketing to promote and identify current & future technology to support teaching & learning
  • Consolidation of disparate data (across all 3 schools)  into a Data Warehouse
  • Implement Enrollment Management V2