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Public Health, Medical Testing, & Patient Care

Bench-to-bedside translation of scientific information and analysis to inform or enact patient care and public health research or policy

Example job titles

Biostatistician* | Clinician | Clinical diagnostician | Clinical research project/program/trials manager/coordinator | Computational scientist* | Data analyst* | Epidemiologist* | Forensic scientist | Genetic counselor | Medical informaticist | Medical science liaison*| Medical/public health/environmental/genetic testing specialist | Patient advocate | Pathologist | Physician | Physician scientist* | Public health program analyst/evaluator/consultant | Research/medical informaticist* | Scientific/medical/technical writer* | Scientific/medical illustrator* | Therapist

*These job titles appear in other career pathways

Additional keywords to find more information or job postings

Public health | Medical testing | Health care | Clinical trial | Epidemiology | Medical devices | Translational research | Genetic testing

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Look for the corresponding myIDP categories: Clinical research management | Clinical practice | Public health related careers | Scientific/medical testing

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  • All transitions (even those that are positive, desired, and successful) involve some amount of stress. This article on "Understanding the Impact of Change" from the NIH OITE blog offers a practical approach for considering an upcoming transition and doing a brief self-assessment to navigate change effectively.

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