Career Pathways Communities


Career Pathways Communities, a novel educational model developed as an initiative of our NIH BEST grant and first launched in Spring 2017, are peer learning communities--each themed around one of eight career pathways categories. Each Community is joined by two guest professionals (i.e., a Ph.D. scientist experienced in one or more careers within the career pathway) and facilitated by cBCD staff.

Learning objectives

By the end of the experience you will be able to…

  • Compare attributes of careers within the career pathway
  • Articulate how skills developed in an academic setting translate into the career pathway
  • Identify actions that will enable reaching your career-related goals
  • Reflect on your progress toward goals and seek support where needed

Additional benefits

  • Build connections with a professional in the career pathway
  • Build peer networks that will enable ongoing sharing of resources and experience
  • Support progress toward career-related actions identified in your Individual Development Plan


What are the Communities and when will they take place?

Each Career Pathways Community is themed around a different career pathway category.
Communities in Spring 2021 will be:

Spring 2021
Anticipated for Fall 2021*
Research in Academia & Government
Research in Industry
Business & Commercial Development
Academic & Research Administration**
Policy, Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Science Education & Outreach**
Science Communication & Publishing









* The Fall 2021 Career Pathways Communities have been put on hold.

** The Academic & Research Administration and Science Education and Outreach themes were combined into one Community in Spring 2020.

Spring 2021 Communities

Business & Commercial Development (careers in this category):  
Meeting Times: 11a.m.-1p.m. on April 12, April 26; 1-3p.m. on May 11
Peter Chien.jpg Dr. Anita Ballesteros*, Associate Director of Business Development at Intellia Therapeutics
Michele Lemons.jpg Dr. Jeannette Osterloh*, Associate Director of Early Portfolio Operations at FibroGen 
Research in Academia & Government (careers in this category): 
Meeting Times: 3-5p.m. on April 29, May 13 and May 27
Sagar Kathuria.jpg Dr. H. Efsun Arda*, Head of Developmental Genomics Group at National Cancer Institute
Deanna Navaroli.png Dr. Karen Mruk*, Assistant Professor at University of Wyoming
Research in Industry - Group A (careers in this category): 
Meeting Times: 10a.m.-12p.m. on April 16; 11a.m.-1p.m. on April 30 and May 14
Carolyn Duffy.jpg Dr. Sharanya Iyengar*, Associate Principal Scientist at Merck
Sally Trabucco.jpg Dr. Jon Farley*, Scientist at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Research in Industry - Group B (careers in this category):
Meeting Times: 12-2p.m. on May 10,May 24 and June 7
Mikayla Thompson.jpg Dr. Melissa Myint, Director of Translational Research at Mana Therapeutics
Chris Pickett1.jpg Dr. Christian Roy*, Computational Biologist at Tadeda
Science Communication & Publishing (careers in this category):
Meeting Times: 2-4p.m. on April 16, April 30 and May 21
Kristen Willems.jpg Dr. Rosy Hosking, Associate Director of Science Communications & Outreach at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Sean Clarke.jpg Dr. Justine Larson*, Associate Director of Disease & Product Training, Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Takeda

*Former GSBS student or postdoc

Eligibility and process for participation

BBS Ph.D. students: BBS Ph.D. students are required to participate in two Career Pathways Communities: one community in Spring of their third year, and a different community in Fall of their fourth year (Fall 2020 Communities were postponed until Spring 2021). The time commitment is estimated to be six hours per semester, along with brief homework to prepare for the meetings. 
To participate: Click here to indicate your top three preferences for the learning communities in which you would like to participate in Spring of 2021.

For postdoctoral scholars and advanced graduate students across all graduate programs: Postdocs and advanced students are encouraged to join Career Pathways Communities. Students in a stage of training earlier than third year should not apply. Postdocs and advanced students will be selected based on best fit for this learning opportunity, based on application responses. Update: due to limited resources in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, CPC may not be open for opt-in participation in Spring 2021. Check back here and watch for email announcements to student/postdoc listservs.

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