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Policy, Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Develop/implement/enforce rules and regulations that govern how scientific information and technologies are generated, used, shared, and distributed

Example job titles

Executive director | Director of operations* | Manufacturing specialist | Patent/intellectual property agent/lawyer/attorney | Policy advisor/coordinator/officer/analyst/fellow | Policy/government relations | Public/government affairs officer/specialist | Technical specialist | Technology commercialization associate* | Technology licensing agent/specialist/associate* | Technology transfer agent/officer/specialist* | Regulatory/research affairs/compliance director/officer/associate | Quality control specialist

*These job titles appear in other career pathways

Additional keywords to find more information or job postings

Commercialization | Contract research organization (CRO) | Intellectual property (IP) | Quality control/assurance | Science policy | Science, technology & society (STS) | Technology transfer

Get up-to-speed & stay current

Look for the corresponding myIDP categories: Science policy | Intellectual property | Drug/device approval and production

  • Attend cBCD events related to these fields
  • Check out the MIT Science Policy Bootcamp course materials
  • Interested in the field of Science, Technology & Society (STS)? Read more about STS. Consider joining the STSGrad Google group and subscribing to their announcements.
  • Start to learn industry and regulatory terminology, acronyms, and documents
  • Get additional advice on how you can prepare for this career from scientists who have recently transitioned into a role in this field, as well as from those who have made hiring decisions.
  • For tips specific to government positions see the slides from the "Careers in Government for Biomedical Ph.D.s" event with representatives from the NIH, Dr. Patricia Labosky and Dr. Alison Hall
  • Read articles in Issues in Science & Technology, a magazine published by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that is a “forum for discussion of public policy” featuring various stakeholders, covering “science for policy” and “policy for science”.

Build your network

Get training & experience

Deeper training opportunities & experiences

Gearing up for a career transition?

  • All transitions (even those that are positive, desired, and successful) involve some amount of stress. This article on "Understanding the Impact of Change" from the NIH OITE blog offers a practical approach for considering an upcoming transition and doing a brief self-assessment to navigate change effectively.

Have a suggestion? Know of a great local opportunity? Let us know.