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Academic & Research Administration

Provide operational management and support to the research or academic community

Example job titles

Academic affairs officer | Administrator/manager/director of research/sponsored programs | Career counselor | Corporate/academic relations officer | Dean/director of program/initiative/institute/research/diversity | Department chair | Development officer* | Director of operations* | Grant/proposal/contract manager/administrator | Grant program officer | Grant writer/editor* | IACUC (institutional animal care and use committee) coordinator/manager | IRB (internal review board) manager/administrator | President | Provost | Research development associate/specialist/coordinator | Research integrity officer | Research/program administrator | Research program director/manager* | Senior research officer | Scientific review officer| Student affairs officer | Technology commercialization agent* | Technology licensing agent/specialist/associate* | Technology transfer agent/officer/specialist/manager*

*These job titles appear in other career pathways

Additional keywords to find more information or job postings

Academic Affairs | Contract Research Organization

Get up-to-speed & stay current

Look for the corresponding myIDP category: Research Administration

  • Get additional advice on how you can prepare for this career from scientists who have recently transitioned into a role in this field, as well as from those who have made hiring decisions.

Build your network

Get training & experience

  • Share your interest with your faculty research advisor, graduate program director, department chair, and/or Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences leadership so that they can refer you when opportunities to serve on advisory groups/committees become available.
  • Join a UMass Chan academic committee as a student/postdoctoral representative.
  • Students - Participate in the Graduate Student Body Council (GSBC) and/or volunteer to be a GSBC representative on other UMass Chan committees.

Deeper training opportunities & experiences

  • Demonstrate your leadership and administrative skills by organizing an event, effort, or initiative on or off campus.
  • Ask an office or program on campus if you can help with a short-term project as a part-time volunteer, intern, or fellow.
  • Serve on a committee for a scientific or professional society.
  • Apply for a leadership role in an organization focused on elevating the voices of early career scientists in the national dialog (e.g. National Postdoctoral Association, Student Pugwash USA, etc.).

Gearing up for a career transition?

  • All transitions (even those that are positive, desired, and successful) involve some amount of stress. This article on "Understanding the Impact of Change" from the NIH OITE blog offers a practical approach for considering an upcoming transition and doing a brief self-assessment to navigate change effectively.

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