We're hiring!

We anticipate hiring full-time, part-time, and/or consultant positions over the next two years for various projects focused on campus and national initiatives. Please reach out to Cynthia Fuhrmann if you have an interest in these or other types of projects related to career and professional development for biomedical scientists:

  • teaching/curriculum development
  • resource development
  • policy related to biomedical workforce and graduate/postdoctoral education
  • evaluation and research. 

Housed in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), the cBCD supports the career and professional development of our ~700 PhD and postdoctoral biomedical trainees at UMass Medical School. In addition to offering opt-in resources and services in the areas of career and professional skills development, a cornerstone of our approach is to work with faculty to integrate career development into the fabric of the core curriculum for predoctoral and postdoctoral training. With the support of grant funding, we test for short- and long-term impacts, and disseminate our findings to help advance the field of PhD career development. cBCD also plays a role in national projects related to enhancing graduate/postdoctoral education for our ever-evolving biomedical workforce.