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Welcome to Worcester!

Five-time winner of the All-American City Award. Second largest city in New England. Worcester is a great place to live and work! Those who live here know all about Worcester's gravitational pull. People who come tend to stay. People who leave seem to always be drawn back.  

Worcester's central location in the Heart of the Commonwealth makes it ideal for visits to favorite New England attractions. It's only a 45-minute drive to Boston, an hour to Newport, 90 minutes to Cape Cod, and 3 hours to NYC. Home to ten colleges and universities, the majestic mountains and pristine lakes of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine are an easy and popular day trip. 

Life in Worcester is affordable...a real urban environment without the hassles of the big city. From minor-league baseball teams like the Worcester Tornadoes to the eloquent Worcester Art Museum, we've got it all. If you can ski in the mountains or sun at the beach in less than an hour, then you know you're in Worcester!  

Check out our exclusive (and well-loved) Worcester Restaurant guide compiled by Michael Ennis, MD, one of our Hahnemann faculty members!

Worcester "Fun Facts"

- The typewriter, sewing machine, shredded wheat, the ballpoint pen and the "smiley face" were all invented in Worcester! 
- Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, was cloned in Worcester. 
- The first radio station to play a Beatles song in the U.S. was in, you guessed it, Worcester!
- In 1847, the first commercial valentine was mass produced in Worcester.  
- Worcester is the home of the second oldest First Night celebration!

Worcester: "The Essentials"

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