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Individual Immigration Appointments
UMass Chan-sponsored F-1 students and J-1 exchange visitors must complete a check-in process with an immigration specialist when they first arrive on campus. As part of this process, the ISO will register or validate the student or exchange visitor's SEVIS record to report their arrival to the appropriate government agency. UMass Chan paid employees must also meet with an immigration specialist upon arrival to campus, to complete Form I-9. These processes must occur before you commence any employment at UMass Chan as designated by your visa category, and before you apply for a Social Security Number (if needed). Please inform your designated immigration specialist of your date of arrival to Massachusetts, as soon as it is scheduled, to receive additional information about the required check-in process and any necessary I-9 completion. 

UMass Chan employees in other visa categories (such as H-1B) will meet with a member of the Immigration Service Office team to complete their I-9 upon arrival to campus. An immigration specialist will reach out to each employee to schedule an appointment.

Immigration Orientation
Immigration Orientation is required for UMass Chan-sponsored F-1 students and certain J1 exchange visitors. The Orientation is designed provide students and exchange visitors with information on their responsibilities as non-immigrant visa holders, including a review of their sponsorship documents, as well as information related to travel, employment, health insurance, tax requirements, local resources, and cultural adjustment, designed to assist students and exchange visitors with adjusting to life in Worcester.  

Other Orientation Sessions and Appointments
There are other orientation sessions that provide individuals with more detailed information based on their specific situation. New hires may be required to attend a Human Resources Orientation for benefits-eligible and non-benefits eligible employees, a Graduate Student Orientation or special orientations for Graduate Medical Education Residents/Fellows. These sessions will be scheduled as appropriate.