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Dependents Age 19 to 26

Dependents may continue on their parent’s GIC health insurance, dental and vision insurance* up to age 26.

GIC Health Insurance

To enroll a dependent age 19-26 for the first time or to report a status change, please complete the Dependent Age 19 to 26 Enrollment/Change form and submit to the Benefits Department in the HR Service Center.

Important Notes:

  • Dependents who are full-time students may live outside the service area of the plan. Dependents who are not full-time students, must live inside the service area of the plan.
  • Dependents who at age 19 are mentally or physically incapable of earning their own living may be eligible for handicapped dependent coverage. Please contact the Benefits Department in the HR Service Center at benefits.umms@umassmed.edu or call (508) 856-5260, option 1 for a GIC Handicapped Dependent application. The child’s disability must have occurred prior to age 19 and you need to be enrolled in a family plan.

To access benefit information, click the Benefit Summaries button below (or on the top navigation bar):

To access benefit forms, click the Benefit Forms button below (or on the top navigation bar):

Student Tuition Credit: Under this program, dependent children up to age 26 are eligible to receive tuition benefits for undergraduate or graduate courses at a community college, state university or at any University of Massachusetts campus. The student tuition credit available depends on the FTE status of the employee, status of the dependent and the school the student is attending. For more information, please refer to the Tuition Programs section.

* Note: If you are a member of AFSCME, MNA, NAGE or NEPBA, you have dental/vision insurance
with the union. Please contact the union for information.