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The UMCCTS Informatics Core is a multi-disciplinary effort of UMCCTS, the Division of Health Informatics and Implementation Science, and Bioinformatics. Our vision is to develop and disseminate tools, provide data and analytic approaches to accelerate research, develop effective learning healthcare models, enable cost-effective care, and train the next generation workforce.  

  • If you need assistance with data or software for research, please contact Informatics
  • If you need assistance with sensor based tools for patients, please contact D3Health.
  • If you need supporting materials for NIH Resource Section, please click here.

The Bioinformatics Core designs best of breed data processing pipelines for a variety of data types, particularly sequencing technologies (including RNA-Sequencing and ChIP-Seq).  Pipelines designed and tested by laboratories in cooperation with the Core are immediately made available to the larger community through our workflow engine.

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for computationally intensive research that is indispensable in the increasingly sensor and data-rich environments of modern science and engineering.