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About Us

The Integrated Biomarkers Core supports investigators in the acquisition and incorporation of Multiomics and Spatial Transcriptomics data into their research projects to ultimately reveal new insights into inflammatory diseases of multiple organ systems.

We aim to

Support the acquisition and integration of multiomics data points (single cell transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) into signaling networks that characterize human disease progression

Create and supply spatial transcriptomics assays to understand constructed single cell networks within a spatial context

Build and optimize novel live tissue culture assays to validate and advance the mechanistic understanding of disease signaling pathways discovered and characterized through multiomics


We offer a range of services that investigators can use to further their research. Please see below for a full list of services.

If you you have any questions or wish to reach out to discuss your project needs, feel free to send an email to Nuria.MartinezGutierrez@umassmed.edu  



Access to Olink proteomics analysis for human fluids

Live Tissue Imaging


Optimization and application of live tissue sectioning through Compresstome and culture for human tissue assays