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Preparing Engineers for Professional Practice (PEPP)


Undergraduate engineering majors at UMass Amherst, UMass Dartmouth, and UMass Lowell complete a senior design project (two semester course) as a capstone to their degree.  The purpose of this course is to give students skills in carrying out a project in a multidisciplinary team for a designated client, just as practicing engineers. This project requires the integration of skills developed throughout their undergraduate studies to solve the problems defined in the project. 

Project Definition

To provide realism to this course, we invite UMass Chan Faculty to provide problem statements for the students to solve in this course. The problem statement will identify a pressing health care/laboratory problem, and if a project is selected, the faculty sponsor will be invited to help mentor the student team over the two semesters.

Key Dates

Problem statement due date: Thurs June 15, 2023
Project Selection: Fri June 30, 2023
Course begins: September 2023
Course end: May 2024

Email completed project proposals and questions to:

Nate Hafer, UMCCTS Director of Operations, nathaniel.hafer@umassmed.edu

Call for Problem Statements

UMCCTS-UMass Engineering Partnership 2023