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"R-Club" Research Writing Group

Are you an early-stage investigator looking to write your first R21 or R01? Would you like input and feedback on your proposal from experienced faculty who have been there before? The UMCCTS Research Writing Group (R Club) is designed to review and plan for successful R-level grant submissions. The R Club meets every other week to provide information and feedback on academic career development and on preparing R-level grant applications.

Participants will receive:

Help on preparing NIH biosketches and related documents

  • Individualized help on developing career goals and a program of research
  • Support with writing the grant application
  • Guidance on selecting the right funding opportunity and working with program officials

** Meetings are held every other Tuesday from 11AM-12PM. Please email nathaniel.hafer@umassmed.edu for the current schedule**

Interested in joining?

To become a member, please email nathaniel.hafer@umassmed.edu to be added to our mailing list.

Program Mentors

Robert Goldberg, PhD
Population & Quantitative Health Sciences

Beth McCormick, PhD


Microbiology & Physiological System (MaPS)