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Interpreter Services for Clinical Research

Who should be using this service?

  • Coordinators who consent research participants
  • Clinical researchers conducting study visits/calls 

How does it work?

There are three different services provided:

  • Translation of study materials
    • Complete online web form with basic account information
    • Upload documents to be translated
  • Over-the-phone interpretation
    • Dial the provided toll free telephone number
    • Provide basic account information and identify the language
    • Connect to a certified medical interpreter within seconds
    • The interpreter can dial an outbound call to connect to your LEP study participant if needed
  • Video interpretation
    • Connect to internet using a secure UMass Chan or UMMHC Wifi connection
    • Authenticate your computer, tablet or smartphone (only needed on first use)
    • Open the Language Line App on your tablet/smartphone or, if using a computer go to webpage https://insight.languageline.com from your chrome or firefox browser
    • Select the appropriate language and provide basic account information
    • Connect to a certified medical interpreter within seconds

An IPad is available from the Office of Clinical Research to access video interpretation services. Loan requests should be indicated when filling out the Research Interpreter Service Account Code Request Form.

How do I get access to the service?

The study team should fill out the online Research Interpreter Request Form via TRAcs

Turn around for an account code is between 1-2 days, so submit your request as soon as you get IRB approval, if not before.  Each research interpreter service account code is specific to a protocol/project. 

Who pays?

The research interpreter services are set up as a pass-through service by the Office of Clinical Research to get better pricing and saver study teams from having to set up individual contracts. Invoices will be sent to study teams for review and approval. Fees for interpreter services should be budgeted and billed back to the protocol/project sponsor. A tool for budgeting services is available

Any Questions?  E-mail ann.han@umassmed.edu