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Clinical Research Center (CRC)

Our Clinical Research Center (CRC) is dedicated to efficient, reliable and high-quality study support for UMass clinical investigators. For a reasonable cost, investigators can utilize the following services as needed:

  • Accessible and comfortable space for participants, just off the main lobby of the Ambulatory Care Center 

  • 12 exams rooms for study visits (exam tables or recliners for lengthy visits)

  • Touchdown space with clinical computers for visiting researchers, their support staff and external monitors

  • In-unit BSL-2 laboratory equipped with centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuge, -20degree C freezer, -80 degree C freezer, 4 degree C refrigerator (short term storage), dry ice

  • Prep area for processing, packaging and shipping central lab specimens, daily FedEx pickup

  • Pneumatic tube system to hospital Rapid Response Lab

  CRC Spaces (2).jpg

Services Available to Support your Studies

  • Staffed with experienced research nurse coordinators and clinical research coordinators

  • Full or partial coordination of studies

  • Nursing procedures such as study drug administration, EKGs, IVs, phlebotomy

  • Lab processing and shipping

  • PK studies

  • Pediatric studies

  • Regulatory support for IRB submissions (with or without coordinator services)

  • Room only (no CRC staff required)

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Location and Hours

  • Location: Ambulatory Care Center - 1st Floor AC1-044
  • Hours: Standard hours of operation are 8:30 am - 5:00 pm weekdays. Additional and extended hours by arrangement.


  • To obtain pricing for clinical trial support services, please complete the request form in the Translational Research Accelerator (TRAcs) Portal. If you have any questions, please contact us at clinicaltrialsunit@umassmed.edu.
  • Service charges will be determined after protocol review.
  • Please note that investigators are responsible for any costs incurred for use of the unit or staff. Investigators should contact us before submitting grant applications to make sure budgets are appropriate to cover costs.

Link to: CRC Intake Service Agreement Process and JOB AID for CRC Resource Scheduler

Link to Sharepoint site for UMass Chan staff and faculty.

All personnel who wish to use the lab must have training. Please contact us at clinicaltrialsunit@umassmed.edu to arrange this.

Contact the CRC at:
Phone: 508-856-2800