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Investigational Drug Service Information

About Us

The investigational pharmacists in the Investigational Drug Service (IDS) play a key role in facilitating subject safety for clinical trials being conducted at UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) and UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC). The IDS has the following major roles and responsibilities:

  • Consultation with investigators pre-study and throughout conduct of trial, including assessment of appropriate charges for investigational services;
  • Preparation of IDDF (drug data form)
  • Aiding in procurement of investigational drugs;
  • Receipt, storage, accountability, dispensing and return/destruction of all investigational drugs
  • Monitoring of all ongoing investigational drug activity by clinical researchers in the UMass Chan or on the campuses of UMMC;
  • Control and accountability of investigational drugs according to state and federal regulatory requirements, sponsor specifications and hospital pharmacy practice
  • With limited exception, UMass Chan/UMMMC policy requires that all drugs used for investigational purposes at UMass Chan/UMMMC must be stored, compounded and dispensed in the Investigational Drug Service pharmacy.  Exceptions can only be made with advance approval by Investigational Pharmacy.

Location and Hours

  • Location: Ambulatory Care Center – 6th floor, Satellite Service at Memorial Campus
  • Hours: Standard hours of operations are 8:30 am-5:00 pm on weekdays with 24 hrs on-call service and support available after hours, holidays and on weekends.

For current IDS Policies and Budget Forms, please go to the IDS Policies Website (intranet access only)

Support Service Pricing

The IDS is a cost-based support service. Investigators conducting research involving investigational drugs should ensure that their study budget sufficiently covers the costs of IDS support. 

For support service pricing please refer to standard rate page. Additional costs for special protocol/handling considerations may apply.

To obtain pricing for clinical trial support services, send the study protocol and associated drug information to:

Phone: 774-443-8667
Fax: 774-442-4141

Investigational Drug Shipment

All investigational drug shipments from the sponsor to the site, whether or not they are to be stored in the pharmacy, will be received by the investigational pharmacist.

Direct shipments of investigational drug to:
ATTN: Investigational Drug Service Pharmacy
UMass Memorial Medical Center
Oncology/IDS Pharmacy
Room #AC6.058
55 Lake Ave North
Worcester, MA 01655

Clinical Research License Application and Renewal Assistance

Departments or Investigators who need to apply for, update, or renew clinical research licenses can contact IDS for assistance with the application and to obtain a list of studies/investigators.

Contact the IDS at:

Phone: 774-443-8667
Fax: 774-442-4141