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The UMCCTS Biospecimen, Tissue, and Tumor Bank (Biorepository) is an open access

biorepository that supports investigators in patient-oriented research. Specifically,

the Biospecimen and Tissue Bank provides services that help UMass and external

investigators to obtain, store, and study high quality human research-related

specimens, while maintaining patient confidentiality.


Collection, Storage, Annotation, and Distribution of Human Biologic Specimens

The UMCCTS Biorepository houses both a collection of fixed, paraffin embedded tissue and samples which were collected fresh and frozen/processed immediately following surgery. When possible, surrounding healthy tissue samples are also processed and stored.
Along with the storage and processing of samples, the Biorepository serves as a dynamic collection and distribution service.  Researchers can request fresh tissue and have specific study needs met.


Our goal is to facilitate basic science, clinical research and translational studies by providing researchers with the ability to obtain and study human tissues using a dynamic collection, storage, annotation, and distribution service.


For more information on IBC, IRB approval, HIPAA compliance, and use of human specimens in research, please visit the following links: