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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a UMass Chan email account?

If you are a UMass Chan employee, student, resident or fellowship physician or if you have a faculty appointment at UMass Chan, you need a UMass Chan email account

Do I need a UMass Memorial email account?

If you are a UMass Memorial employee or a clinical provider  who uses UMass Memorial software tools like EPIC, you need a UMass Memorial email account

Can I auto-forward emails?

Auto-forwarding emails from UMass Chan to UMMHC accounts is available; forwarding UMMHC emails to UMass Chan accounts is not.

If you'd like to enable auto-forwarding, please contact Application Requests / Office 365 / Change Existing Account Permissions.

How do I check two email accounts?

Most people routinely manage a personal email account and a professional account; Microsoft Outlook contains the tools necessary to make this efficient, generally as simple as adding another mailbox on the left navigation bar of the Outlook mailbox screen.  Many users, in fact, use this tool for managing or accessing the calendars of peers, the schedules for conference rooms, etc.

What about passwords?

Both UMass Chan and UMass Memorial have commonsense data security policies that are a reality of the contemporary online world.  Maintaining password security is one of the simplest and most important tools we have to protect your information and while sometimes inconvenient, are a small price to pay for the information security.  As part of this email separation, both institutions have reviewed their information and data security policies and will continue to do so routinely.