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Email Migration at UMass Chan

UMass Memorial Health Care and UMass Chan Medical School are separating their shared Microsoft Outlook environment into two discrete systems. This was a joint decision by both organizations, made for important reasons including financial, compliance, legal and privacy concerns, as well as the need to upgrade the technical infrastructure.

When the separation is complete, UMass Memorial and UMass Chan Medical School will each support its own, separate, instance of Microsoft Outlook, allowing each entity greater flexibility in managing its own Outlook environment, as well as improving the security necessary for protected health information (PHI).

The separation of the two email systems is now 80% complete.  We have moved more than 12,000 Outlook accounts from the previous shared environment, leaving approximately 3,000 accounts to be moved. These accounts belong to dual users – those users who have both a UMass Chan Medical School (.edu) and a UMass Memorial (.org) email address.

Dual users and their delegates have Outlook responsibilities at both UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial. Migrating these last 3,000 accounts is complex because these users need to access software, files and tools required by each organization.

We received significant feedback from dual users requesting that auto-forwarding of email be available after the separation.  Auto-forwarding of email from UMass Chan accounts to UMass Memorial (.org) accounts will be available.  However, for compliance reasons, auto-forwarding emails from UMass Memorial to UMass Chan Medical School will not be allowed.