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Worcester Pipeline Collaborative Programs

NHS 2017 Internship

Internship/Job Shadowing for High School Students

While the WPC provides internships on all levels of the pipeline, our internship programs with students from the Health/Science Academy at North High School and the Health Assistant Program at Worcester Technical High School are especially successful.

We place seniors from these two schools throughout local healthcare and science institutions. UMass, UMass Chan, UMMMC, University Campus, Memorial Campus and Family Health Center.

In addition, many of the college students who are mentors in the pipeline have an opportunity to intern several weeks during the summer with our partner institutions.

Internship Host Departments

  • Cancer Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing Station
  • Family Medicine Nursing
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Endoscopy
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • EKG/Vascular Lab
  • Cardiac/ECKO
  • Patient Transport
  • Physical Therapy
  • Cardiac Nutrition
  • ER
  • Animal Medicine
2017 NHS Internships

Medical Professional of Tomorrow (MPOT) Mentorship Program

Mission Statement: To inspire young men of color at North High School to pursue careers in medicine

Program Description:

The Medical Professionals of Tomorrow (MPOT) Mentorship Program at North High School was started in the fall of 2014 to address the national crisis that is the shortage of black male physicians in medicine. The mentorship program was designed to be longitudinal and assist young men of color in the Worcester area in their pursuit to gain access to the field of medicine. The program provides bi-monthly workshops during the academic school year for students of North High School/ Health Science Academy who demonstrate an interest in medicine. Each workshop takes place at North High School or the UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) and aims to be educational, engaging, and fun. The project is run under the guidance of UMass Chan, North High School, and the Worcester Pipeline Collaborative. There are eight UMass Chan students UMass Chan student volunteer mentors who are passionate about building relationships within our community; and expanding opportunities for the next generation of medical professionals. They are proud to have two North High School graduates on our team.

Activities Include: 

Healthy eating class taught by the head chief of the flying rhino. A surgery simulation taught by students and physicians. A SAT preparation class and help with the common college application. Attending Student Nation Medical Association (SNMA) Conferences hosted by the SNMA chapter at Yale Medical School, 2015; Brown Medical School, 2016 and UMass Chan 2017. Addressing issues affecting marginalized communities and discussing the role of social justice in medicine. Most importantly interacting with medical students and providing lots of free food.

Worcester East Middle School STEM Project Overview

Objective: To inspire young women at Worcester East Middle School to pursue STEM careers  

Program Description:

Female medical students will partner with Worcester East Middle School (WEMS) to provide a diverse group of middle school girls with access to hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) enrichment activities. They will design and run a series of four after-school sessions to be offered each month from February to May. The project will encourage middle school girls in Worcester to discover, design, experiment and create in STEM fields. The program aims to equip girls with knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm in these disciplines; and inspire them to consider careers in STEM. The initial project was funded through the UMass Chan’s MLK Semester of Service Student Award and was very successful. The second year will be funded by the Worcester Pipeline Collaborative. Forty-two girls signed up to participate during the first session of the second year. Project is organized and led by UMass medical students, nursing students and scientists. The first year three medical students started the project. The second year the list of volunteers increased to ten medical students. The project will also provide girls at Worcester East Middle School with female role models in STEM-related fields.

Activities Include:

Each session will focus on hands-on activities in a different discipline, including: biology and environmental science; chemistry; engineering; and physics and math.

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