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Eligibility and Recruitment


Applicants must meet criteria in the first two bullets and one in the last two

  • Applicants must have graduated from a Massachusetts high school and preferably attending a Massachusetts college or university.
  • Students who have completed a minimum of eight (8) credit hours of Organic Chemistry and who have completed a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours of college work will receive priority consideration.
  • Current sophomores and juniors who are:
    • Under-represented individuals in medicine, nursing, biomedical research, biotechnology and the health professions (BBHP) are African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and South East Asians.
    • Disadvantaged individuals include those from economically disadvantaged (i.e. meets Federal guidelines for low income, poverty and/or free and reduced lunches) and/or educationaly disadvantaged backgrounds (i.e. first generation college graduates)
      2023-2024 LOW INCOME GUIDELINES.pdf

Students are not allowed to participate in any other academic or social program; take classes at another institution; or work for an employer, family member or friend while they are participating in the program. The program requires 110% of your participation, attention and commitment.


Stipends will only be paid to participants who succesfully complete the program by attenting all classes; submitted in all class and homework assignments to the instructors on time.

Recruitment Visits

Recruitment for the program consists of visits by the SEP Director to Massachusetts colleges and Open House Visits.

College Visits by the Director of Outreach Programs

The Director of Outreach Programs visits colleges and programs throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the months of October through February to provide information about the SEP and distribute brochures to familiarize, professors, advisors/guidance counselors, deans, and students with the career opportunities in BBHP.

Contact us for more information

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