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2018 SHCP Health Disparities Projects

1st Place
Infant Mortality
By Oluseyi Alege, Chelsea Amoako, Queenly Kyei & Lili Zhao

2nd Place
By Obinna Asia, Seun Kolawole, Kevin Nguyen & Jackey Zhang

3rd Place
By Elsie Fuakye, Yulianny De Los Santos & Khadija Sinkinah

2018 Awards Received

Deans Special Recognition Award

(Recognized as the student who has been a positive influence and role model for other program participants).

Kevin Nguyen

Great Participation and Effort Award

(Received special recognition by each teacher for great participation and effort).

Biology/Science: Jackey Zhang

IS/Technology: Khadija Sinkinah

English: Julianny De Los Santos

Math: Obinna Asia


“There was a lot of bonding between the participants. It was very enjoyable to get to know everyone. Living in a residential hall is the best for this program”

 “It was the best I have every experienced and I wish it never ends. I will never regret spending my summer here thank you for the experience”

 “This is a very beneficial program for all young people interested in medical fields. There is a great opportunity to not only meet and bond with other people but to become connected to individuals that can assist you with your goals.”

 “This program challenges yourself and makes you realize that there are other smart and great people out there who also have similar dreams as you. Therefore; you should step up, do your best, have confidence and to standout. You also learn that there are different ways to solve a problem.”

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