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Summer Research Fellows are placed in laboratories for ten weeks at the UMass Chan Medical Center with the investigator serving as a mentor, role model and advisor.

Summer Research Fellows will receive a stipend of $4000. Stipends are paid to participants in three payments over the ten weeks of the program. The first stipend check for $1000 is paid the first week. The second stipend check for $1000 is paid the last Friday in June. After all program requirements have been met, the last week of the program the final $2000 stipend check will be received.

Summer Research Fellows are required to attend all program activities and live in the housing provided. Participants are also expected to attend the full ten week program. If the start date of the program conflicts with final exams, arrangements can be made to have the exam administered here at UMass Chan utilizing the in house examination service.

Summer Research Fellows are required to create and present a professionally prepared scientific poster.


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