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Featured Presentations and Testimonials

2018 SEP Health Disparities Presentations

1st Place
By Narda Bondah & Karen Cevallos

2nd Place
By Todd Maniscalchi, Daniel Ugochukwu & Michael Rivera

3rd Place
By Mark Bray, Ngoc Ngo & Yuying Zhang

Summer Enrichment Program Participant Testimonials

“One of the most memorable experiences that I've had in my entire life. I enjoyed the euphoria and the kind of
teamwork that the health care workers had in saving someone's life.”

“The mock interview and the mock MCAT were helpful because I was able to learn from my mistakes and learn
what I need to improve on.”

“The discussions and seminars with Dr. Harmon-Hines and Mr. Layne about the application process, MCAT prep,
and qualification strength helped really understand how well rounded an applicant must be.

“I was surprised by the amount of support I received. This was not a competitive program as it was a great place
to make new connections, learn and bond.”

"I have learned so much and grown as a person through SEP. It really made me want to do medicine more for all the right reasons.”

Read about former Summer Enrichment Program participant, Bency Louidor-Paulynice, on UMassMedNow

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