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Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition A-B-C's

Eating a healthy and balanced variety of foods is important for overall good health. When paired with increased physical activity it can help you get to and stay at a healthy weight, lower your cholesterol and prevent serious problems such as:

· Diabetes
· High blood pressure
· Heart disease
· Stroke
· Sleep Apnea

TheDietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 is the most current publication from the U. S. Department of Agriculture formaking smart food choices and finding balance between food and physical activity.

MyPyramid is a tool that is used to put the recommendations in these dietary guielines into action.

Watch videos on all sorts of medical topics!

Learn to read a nutrition fact label.
Learn about Vitamin and Mineral Supplements



Physical activity is essential to improving your health and preventing serious illness. The benefits include increasing stamina, improved self esteem, sleep, elevated mood, and reduced stress.

Why Is Physical Activity Important?

All About Exercise

Therapeutic Diets

For Diabetes (English version)

For Diabetes (Espanol version

For High Cholesterol

High Fiber

The "BRAT" diet (for upset stomach)