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Most of us feel down on occasion or have a bad day, but clinical depression is a real medical condition in which you feel down or depressed most days and often stop enjoying your regular activities. Depression is very common but treatable – tell your provider if you are feeling  depressed and click here to learn more:

Major Depression


UMass Department of 

National Alliance of Mental Health


What Is Depression?

UMass Depression Clinic 








The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has funded a lot of projects on recognizing and treating depression in primary care. Click here for info.

When you are depressed, sometimes it feels like nothing will help and there is nothing you can do to feel better. But here are some ideas that others have found very helpful:

Action Plan 

Action Plan (Spanish)

Help Yourself

Help Yourself (Spanish)

Your provider may have suggested you start a medication. Click here to learn more about taking antidepressant medication:

Dep Meds

Dep Meds (Spanish)


Antidepressant (Spanish)

Psychological counseling can also help treat depression, either instead of medication or in addition to medication. For more information about counseling for depression:

Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling (Spanish)