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Diabetes Care

We want to help you care for your diabetes so you can be as healthy as possible. Every person with diabetes should have a care plan that includes:

not smoking
controlling blood pressure
controlling cholesterol
eating a healthy diet
regular exercise
regular checkups that include: A1C testing, foot care, eye exams, and heart and blood vessel health

Here are some links to web sites that can provide you with more information about diabetes and staying healthy!

Diabetes Collaborative: UMass Memorial "Stick to It" newsletter and links to diabetes education materials.

Learning About Diabetes: Easy to understand stories, 1 page handouts and visual aids about diabetes in English and Spanish.

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse: Your tax dollars at work to help YOU!

American Diabetes Association: Information about diabetes, living with diabetes, food and fitness, local community diabetes activities, diabetes news and research in English and Spanish.