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Welcome to Our Hahnemann Patient Page!

At Hahnemann Family Health Center, we provide complete care for your entire family: prenatal and maternity care, pediatric care and the care of adults, including geriatrics. We also serve as a residency training site for medical students and residents and you will very likely be meeting some of our residents as a Hahnemann patient. Click on the links to meet our physicians, nurses and residents. We hope you find this page helpful!

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Keeping Yourself Healthy? Easy as A-B-C!

Did you know that there is a lot you that you can do to for your own health? We picked out a few of the most common medical conditions and lifestyle habits that our patients ask about. Just click on the links below to learn more! For any medical questions you have that do not appear in this list, click here to find a much larger list of topics!

Diseases and Chronic Conditions


Lifestyle Topics


Check out more info here!

Asthma   Sexual Health
Diabetes   Stop Smoking!
High Blood Pressure   Diet and Exercise    
Kidney Disease        




Happening Now at Hahnemann

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